Great to be a Dad

Illustrated by Anastasia Zababashkina
ISBN: 978-3-9821428-6-9 paperback
ISBN: 978-3-9821428-4-5 hard cove

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To the coolest dads – past, present, and future…
What makes a great dad? 
Having fun with kids? 
Teaching them to ride a bike? 
Or maybe helping with homework? 
We don’t know for sure. 
The more people we ask – the more answers. 
What we do know is that our dads give us many happy memories that make us feel loved and more self-confident in life.

This book represents a little boy’s dream of what a great dad he would be. 
While some of his ideas may change in time, they are filled with love for his father. 
The book is a great way to start a discussion of what it actually takes to be a great dad.