My Body Sends A Signal

Helping kids Recognise Emotions and Express Feelings
Illustrated by Anastasia Zababashkina
ISBN: 978-3-9821428-3-8

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Are you passionate about making your children more confident, enabling them to build stronger relationships as well as to perform better academically? These abilities require “emotional regulation”— that is, the process of recognizing emotions, expressing feelings, calming oneself down in the face of overwhelming emotions, and learning to treat others with empathy.

Like us, adults, kids have a wide range of feelings. They get happy, jealous, disgusted, angry, nervous, sad, proud, worried, and excited. But at a very young age, they simply don’t possess the vocabulary to express their feelings verbally. They express their feelings through tantrums, mimicry, physical movements, and gestures. These expressions are often sweet and funny, but sometimes they just drive us nuts!

This book will help you explain to your kids that emotions, that is signals they get from their bodies, are linked to feelings. These feelings, whether positive or negative, are all perfectly fine, but they can be expressed differently.

This book will also expand your children’s vocabulary by offering them different words to express their feelings with.

And finally, the book offers hands-on activities for hours of entertainment after reading.